Canadian Trait Network

What are the benefits of the network?

More than just a collection of data, the Canadian Trait Network is primarily a network of researchers from government and academia as well as biodiversity specialists. Through the different activities organized by the work groups and its members, the network serves as a platform of collaboration among researchers. The network facilitates research related to plant, animal, and community ecology by promoting data exchange and fostering connections within the scientific community.

Training and education are also important goals: the network provides training and guidance to graduate students interested in using the functional trait approach in their projects. Members also contribute to an international traits summer graduate school.

Canadian Trait Network structure

Activities organized by the Canadian Trait Network

The Canadian Trait Network brings together three disciplinary working groups, each working on research questions related to traits.

TOPIC and CRITTER provide to the scientific community access to their databases. Each one contains two modules: one aggregating data from the scientific literature and another of datasets of empirical measurements taken in the field, lab or greenhouse.

For more information on activities within the Canadian Trait Network, please contact the Science Lead (see Contact page).